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A place where biological research and monitoring are strongly promoted 

The Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Centre (UEMC) is a field station of the Udzungwa Mountains National Park (UMNP), Tanzania, established in 2006 through an initial partnership between Italy’s MUSE – Science Museum of Trento  and Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA). The mission of the Udzungwa Ecological Monitoring Centre is to promote and facilitate biological research and monitoring in the Udzungwa Mountains to increase the understanding of the area and gather information to develop more effective conservation management and community education plans, as well as improving long-term conservation of the National Park and surrounding protected areas.
Over the first 15 years (2006 – 2020) of activity, UEMC has hosted nearly 1200 researchers, strengthened and sustained a primate monitoring programme that represents the longer-term data set on the status of biodiversity in selected forests of the area, conducted environmental education in several schools in the area, provided technical assistance to the park to boost ecological monitoring, conducted or facilitated training programmes, and facilitated a number of international research programmes.
Since 2017, through a new management phase that currently extends until 2026, TANAPA and MUSE were joined by the Natural History Museum of Denmark in the management of UEMC. Since 2019, moreover, MUSE is allied with the Department of Biology of the University of Florence, Italy, in co-managing the station and boosting its scientific efforts in the area.

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